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Every issue of our newsletters offers proven, one-of-a-kind client appreciation strategies. For your convenience the Newsletters are in PDF format, please feel free to print them!


Issue XX - Easy to Implement Ideas at Christmas

Issue XIX - The Little Book of Woww!™

Issue XVII - The Delayed Secret to Success

Issue XVI - Are You Giving Clients an Opportunity to Help You? 

Issue XV - 5 Ways To Connect With Your Clients
               This Christmas 

Issue XIV - Small Incremental Steps 

Issue XIII - Impressive Policy Delivery 

Issue XII - Christmas Email

Issue XI - The Elevator Speech

Issue X - Protect Your Future Revenue - The Financial Organizer

Issue VIIII - Christmas Issue: Prospecting with Santa

Issue VIII- Financial Planning On The Back  Of A Napkin

Issue VII - Financial Plans and The Tape Measure     
Issue VI - Excitement: The Secret Ingredient

Issue V - GOT SKILL? Move Your Clients to Action

Issue IV - Your Most Powerful Business Tool

Issue III - Ignorance is NOT Bliss: Know Your Numbers

Issue II - EASE™ The Ultimate Goal: The Formula for Your Success

Issue I - Run a Successful Marketing Campaign: Campaign Criteria

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Boost Retention and Profits by Wowing Your Customers
by Mike Morrow, CFP January-February 2017

An ongoing appreciation program can help you retain existing clients by exceeding their service expectations.




5 Ways to Teach Your Clients How to be Your Happy Advocates
by Mike Morrow, CFP   July 2016

The best referral is one given by a happy client. How do you obtain happy clients? You create happy clients when you exceed their expectations by providing value and experience, which is enhanced by the wow factor. 


The Gift that Keeps on Selling
by Matt Bell, Featuring Mike Morrow, CFP   August 2016 

“It stands the test of time, as clients will keep it forever. They will show their friends whose first question is, where did you get this? Our name shared over and over." READ MORE




Taking Incremental Steps Toward Success
by Mike Morrow, CFP  April 2016

Some financial advisors make it look so easy. They continue to keep their prospect pipeline full, generate leads and increase their bottom line even in a less than favorable economy. I believe the key to this success lies in taking...READ MORE


 Mike Morrow for InsuranceNewsNet Magazine

Friendship is at the Heart of Advisor Success
by Linda Koco Featuring Mike Morrow, CFP   January 2016
The topic of friendship doesn’t get general session treatment at industry meetings. However, the subject does come up in hallway buzz between advisor colleagues, including several group conversations where this reporter has been present. Friendship, it seems, is one of the linchpins of a successful advisory practice, giving differentiation and value to the firm. READ MORE
Mike Morrow for Wealth Professional

Advisors Tackle Threats to Client Assets
By Rebecca Root, Featuring Mike Morrow, CFP   December 2015

A report by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada found that only 46% of people have a budget. Of those who do have a budget the survey found 96%...READ MORE



Mike Morrow for Life&Health Advisor

Advisors: Develop Your Edge
by Mike Morrow, CFP September 2015

Early on in my career, I realized I had to identify ways that would make me stand out from every other advisor. Regularly I would ask myself, “How can I effectively foster long-term relationships and give my clients a reason to talk about me? I wanted them to be able to answer the question, “Why do you do business with Mike?” The number one answer I wanted was...READ MORE


Mike Morrow for Round the Table

After the Sale
by Mike Morrow, CFP  September 2015

Many financial professionals think when they make a sale that their work is done. However, there is one very important final step after you sell a life insurance policy. The policy delivery is an important opportunity to set you apart as a professional who is...READ MORE



After the Sale
by Mike Morrow, CFP June 2015

A great opportunity exists for advisors who can see beyond closing the sale. The steps you take after a sale will demonstrate to your client how ... READ ARTICLE



Mike Morrow for LifeHealthPro

Lead Generation Tips for 2015

Lead generation is not just about investing time and effort while providing as much value as possible - it's also about making sure your value is conveyed up front...READ ARTICLE



 Mike Morrow for Round the Table

When Second is Best
by Mike Morrow, CFP, September 2014

Whether you are a seasoned advisor or new to the industry, nothing is more important than attracting a steady stream of prospects. We all have to put ourselves in front of the public to ensure the success of our practice. Prospecting is...READ ARTICLE


 Mike Morrow for The Insurance&Investment Journal

Champions Rebound By Going Back To The Basics
Alain Theriault Interviews Mike at the 2014 MDRT Annual Meeting  in Toronto

Yes, they are among the world’s most prosperous advisors, but MDRT members still get back to sales basics to overcome obstacles. Michael Morrow banks on building a loyal clientele who gladly refer him to qualified prospects...READ MORE



The Role of Insurance at Each Life Stage
by Mike Morrow, CFP June 2014

In a market full of diverse financial tools, life Insurance continues to be a sought-after product for many reasons. The most prominent is to fund expenses for loved ones that are left behind after a death. Love is typically always the top motivational factor that prompts people to purchase life insurance. People generally want to...READ MORE



Mike Morrow for Advocis

Rules of Engagement
by Mike Morrow, CFP, March 2014

Financial advisors are taught early on in their careers about the power of graduating clients up the four levels of an advisor-client relationship. This is attainable to the motivated advisor, but it takes dedication, excellent client service and, most importantly...READ MORE


 Mike Morrow for Insurance Business

 7 Questions
Insurance Business Interviews Mike, August 2014

Michael Morrow is a Certified Financial Planner and a Million Dollar Round Table member from Thunder Bay, Ont., and we at Insurance Business asked him seven questions on his take on the industry... READ MORE


Mike Morrow for InsuranceNewsNet Magazine

Actionable Steps to Retain Clients
By Mike Morrow, CFP January 2014

You can develop a powerful strategy to boost client loyalty. Everyday is an opportunity to stay top of mind with clients. Your business approach should ultimately drive commitment and engagement among your existing clients and prospects....READ ARTICLE



Michael Morrow, CFP Life Insurance Selling

Innovative Ideas to Grow Your Business Now
by Mike Morrow, CFP 

I probably shouldn't start off by saying this, but the fact is I am technically a very good Financial Advisor. You probably are too, but this alone does not guarantee your success in this business. What will determine your success is your ability to...READ ARTICLE


Mike Morrow for Life&HealthPro

How To Meet The Right Centers Of Influence by Mike Morrow, CFP,  February 2013 Networking with centers of influence outside the financial profession is an important aspect of any advisor’s career. We all have our unique areas of knowledge and expertise, and using these mutually beneficial relationships to provide...READ ARTICLE 

Technology For Beginners Round Table Discussion with Mike Morrow, CFP, March 2013 We believe any technology advancement in our office has paid huge dividends in the long run. All of our computers, tablets, smart phones and laptops are linked together, which has...READ ARTICLE

2 Innovative Ideas To Grow Your Business Now  by Mike Morrow, CFP, April 2013   Client appreciation is essential to client retention in any business. When a client feels valued and appreciated, the result will be a loyal client and an advocate for your business. To gain this loyalty, there are certain criteria...READ ARTICLE



Expanding Your Practice
by Mike Morrow, CFP July/August 2013 

Regardless of how long you've been in the financial services business, you will benefit from the tangible and easy to implement ideas that I am going to share with you. They are some of the marketing strategies that I have been using in my own practice for the past 24 years and all of them have consistently...READ ARTICLE


 Mike Morrow for Investment Executive

Getting Distracted Clients Focused - Emphasize punctuality and use visual tools to...READ ARTICLE

Rookies: Failure To Invest In Yourself Is A Big Mistake...READ ARTICLE

Five Powerful Marketing Strategies - Get personal with clients and stand out...READ ARTICLE



Michael Morrow, CFP - Grand Prize Winner

by Mike Morrow, CFP, January 2002
National Best Marketing Ideas Competition Submission - Michael received the Grand Prize.
Michael Morrow's countless ideas have more than paid off. It means having a business that is 100% referral-based. On key birthdays, such as 40th, 50th or 75th, Michael sends...READ ARTICLE



Mike Morrow for Smart Business

by Mike Morrow, CFP.,  Smart Business Magazine, Taiwan - Article written in Chinese
Michael brings insurance and financial concepts to life. Clients will be motivated to action because they understand what they are doing and...READ ARTICLE


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